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UI | UX | Prototyping | OTT

Watch football from your couch to the train



Opening up the full range of UEFA leagues to a broader audience and providing visibility to those less commercial leagues that often get overlooked and go unbroadcast.


An OTT custom video platform for UEFA allowing users access to their extensive library of on-demand videos as well as live matches. Consisting of native apps for iOS and Android, a desktop site and TV apps, all giving the same great experience no matter what device.


Taking UEFA’s digital content products and transforming them into an industry-leading streaming service delivering high-quality content to its users around the world, allowing watchlists, live matches, draws and viral highlights.

  • Developed core engagement features
  • Defined key interaction principles
  • Designed and iterated prototypes
  • Systemised the product & design language.


Working closely with dedicated UX designers we defined all aspects of their OTT offering. Communicating the globally recognisable UEFA brand and leagues into this new digital space so that their audience can consume anywhere and anyplace.


4.2 star App rating
Average across App Stores.

in the first month

80,000+ streams
on Champions League draw